AT&T and CSC join forces in “Journey to the Networked-Enterprise Cloud”

CSC & AT&T Announce Global Alliance

CSC has been a recognized leader in Cloud Computing for the past 2 years with a key focus on Enterprise Clouds [Gartner 2011, Gartner 2012, Gartner 2013???].  CSC’s focus on the enterprise, has enabled us to make great strides in helping our customers along the “journey to the Cloud”.  As testimony to the growing maturity, over the past 8 months, we seen a change in the F100’s approach to cloud computing.  With ever larger cloud deals, and a focus on agility, cost and an “Outside In” approach I think that Enterprise [Hybrid] Cloud has become a major force in global business.  There is, in fact a massive and growing enterprise cloud market, and CSC seems to have the application modernization processes, migration templates and the right high availability platform for our customers.

Some would bask in the limelight, but not CSC.  We are looking to take our partners and customers to Cloud 2.0: where the Enterprise SLA meets software defined scale-out infrastructure across a global IP fabric.

This is even a bigger journey, it includes not just “in place” modernization, but new architectures designed for “scale out”, mobility, social, big data, the new technologies driving the enterprise.  To win in this space, we thought that it was vital to not just have a great WAN, but a great Inter-Network, as well as the need to have so much infrastructure that elastic volume requirements for peak loads, or site failures, are normalized across a broad and expanding computing landscape.  CSC believes that having a great Intranet, but also an amazing Internet and mobile network will enable the broadest styles of cloud applications to take hold. With CSC’s focus on building modern applications that are policy controlled, continuously monitored and with agile lifecycle to match the changing pace of business, we believe that CSC and AT&T can together define a perfect platform for big and small enterprises alike.

As part of this deal, we are excited that AT&T values our application modernization services as much as our customers do.  We will be both helping AT&T as well as it’s customers bring their enterprise applications to the cloud.  And to the point on the value of the network, CSC will be working closely with AT&T to help them design the best converged and software control network.  Spanning the globe, AT&T already earns top honors in WAN, Internet and Mobile, but as converged networking takes hold with MPLS/IP everywhere new opportunities for customer privacy/security, workload location placement, proximity, and even availability become possible.

To some it up, this deal is about CSC’s enterprise capabilities in applications, cloud platforms and infrastructure services complimenting AT&T’s cloud infrastructure, secure global network and advanced network services that will create a unique opportunity for both leaders to play to their respective strengths, but in better harmony with each other.  This harmonization will result in less friction for enteprise applications (old and new), a cloud platform that gets better, faster, and scales with the market leaders, as well as a network that again through the combining of scale creates new opportunities for increased throughput, higher availability, and improved service at the most competitive prices.

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