Infochimps joins the CSC troop

Today, I am finally able to talk about a really cool company, that we’ve been working with to bolster CSC “Big Data” Solutions in the marketplace.  One of the first valuable useful use-cases is to enable big-fast data clouds to be automagically built;  In effect, to build a data lake haystack “as a Service”:

“without a haystack, there is no needle to find”…

And, to enable our customers to quickly “Self”-provision, attach, stream, evaluate, store, analyze their emerging big data workloads.

Storing the data in the cloud [via Apache Hadoop], developing insights from the stored data, and enabling those insights to become actionable through promotion into the streaming ingest services [via Storm / Kafka].

InfoChimps + CSC
InfoChimps + CSC = Big [Fast] Data Made Better
Welcome Infochimps: Jim, Joe, Flip, Dhruv, Adam and the rest of the Austin team.  I have to say that this is an amazingly cool company, that I believe generates massive synergies with CSC’s vertical industry knowledge, existing Big Data offers, and with other key R&D initiatives that we have going on including our Cloud 2.0 services / Internet of Things work.  Adding some Chimp magic, some “open” magic sauce including: WuKong (an open Ruby streaming in Hadoop), IronFan (an open orchestration project for provisioning big data services on clouds), and Configliere (an open configuration project that makes project/module configuration more secure and more functional).  Their proven ability to stand up big data clusters on clouds, manage them with high availability and establishes a key link in the overall cloud and big data lineup for CSC.

I do love this from their site: “Big Data is more than Hadoop” and a bit on the transition from the CEO Jim Kaskade.

This is going to be fun!

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  1. Dan, we’re all really looking forward to working with you. Mike Lawrie’s vision for changing CSC, Sashi’s determined championship, and your command of the IT landscape and approach to open-source as a point of business advantage give me great confidence we’ve found the right home. It’s going to be a great next few years!

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