Dan Hushon joined DXC Technology [via CSC], in Falls Church, Virginia, as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in 2013.  He is currently defining the strategic technology landscape across a key set of technology “big bets”: Fast Big Data, Mobility/Machine, CyberSecurity, Cloud and DevOps.  As part of this strategic transformation, Dan is working on building critical technology partnerships, and initial technology embodiments.  His technology team is exploiting these technologies and partnerships with key leading customers across CSC’s global footprint.  Since joining CSC, Dan has driving a wide variety of activities including running global solution architecture, architecting a transformed employee productivity via o365/S4B, separating a $3.5B public sector business, and as General Manager of CSC’s CyberSecurity Group.  With a core passion for driving next generation technologies into both front office and back office digital transformations for clients.

Further, Dan maintained an industry leading team of researchers, futurists, and digital savants to drive next generation thinking into the marketplace.  Known as the Leading Edge Forum (LEF), the group relaunched a new research agenda around what it takes to become a 21st century [digital] enterprise [see blog].

During his tenure with EMC as a Distinguished Engineer  and Sr. Director in EMC’s Office of the CTO, Dan had specific responsibility for distributed information [Big Data] infrastructure architectures, Cloud Computing, Service Provider technologies, and the Next Generation Infrastructure supporting Big Data workloads for Cloud Scale delivery.

To this end, Dan is the leader for the NGDC program which is deploying EMC’s scale out data services capabilities to advanced hypervisors at data-center scale.  Workloads like Hadoop, MPP DWH’s (Greenplum), and scale out file systems (Isilon) are targeted as they can benefit from the high-isolation virtualization techniques emerging from linux containers (and BeHyVe).  A key focus is getting strong resource isolation for workloads, and the cloud control plane for managing the complex virtual Compute, Network and Storage assets that are combined to define a tenancy.

Previously, at EMC, Dan had been focused on internet scale information integration and transformational solutions for both product integrations as well as vertical market solutions such as EMC’s MOSAIX Healthcare Information Framework, he is interested in semantic integration, information mastering technologies and RESTful patterns for model navigation and associative relational interactions.  Dan continues to work on the optimization of large-scale/scale-out relational and NoSQL including both OLTP and OLAP/DWH for both multi-tenant, multi-latency, and federation across non-homogeneous modeled structures.

Formerly, Chief Technologist for the Grid and Utility Computing business unit at EMC Corporation. He led the technical architecture, cross-EMC alignment, and execution of EMC’s grid and utility computing strategy. Joining EMC in July of 2006, Dan has been engaged at integrating information centric grid activities into a commerical platform the Information Grid, and realizing an information grid focused on Business Information processing and specifically Customer Data Integration (CDI). This platform, is designed to offer a pre-integrated solution, designed for high-scale, high-throughput, information processing; leveraging SOA techniques, information analytics and PetaByte scale information management capabilities. Dan’s specific interests include massive scale distributed computing/operating environments, distributed fault tolerant environments, and Web 2.0 / social collaborative computing.

Prior to joining EMC, Dan spent 2 years as the Chief Technologist of Sun’s Sun Grid program, a pay as you go, multi-tenant isolated network of computing resources linked by a network operating system, and a year as Chief Technologist for US Client Solutions, Sun’s field sales organization. While at Sun, Dan had been involved in a variety of Enterprise Technology Insertion projects in the telecommunications, defense, financial and manufacturing vertical markets. These projects had leveraged distributed service based architectures to integrate legacy systems; while creating a loosely coupled environment to facilitate service re-use and provide architecture resiliency to constantly changing demand/load as well as service composition. Dan’s consulting experience ranged a broad set of Sun technologies that include the Java Enterprise System, Java 2 MicroEdition (J2ME), Jini Connection Technology, JXTA, JavaCard, Edge, N1 and Blade services and deploying these technologies to a variety of enterprise infrastructure targets. The specific target markets have included wireless application and Internet Service Providers (WASP/WISP), Virtual Network Service Providers (VNSP), as well as broadband, digital television and traditional enterprise customers. To this end, Dan has engaged with several DoD program offices including US Navy SPAWAR, US Army MTMC and TACOM/NAC, US TRANSCOM GTN21, DARPA, through engagements with top Government System Integrators; as well as a number of commercial entities including Ford Motor Company, Telefonica Moviles, Sprint PCS, Vodafone, AT&T Wireless and others in the application of Sun’s advanced technologies to solve critical business challenges with respect to dynamic, deterministic service based networks.

Prior to Sun, Dan spent more than 5 years growing a DoD/commercial products effort (focused on MPP Signal Processing) for a mid-sized government consulting firm, where he successfully launched a critical hemodialytic monitoring device. With more than 16 years of software development expertise in the areas of Object Oriented Analysis & Design, embedded system/ real-time software development, and massively parallel processing. An alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University where he worked in Computational Bio-Physics, and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which was under development at the SEI; Dan continues to be involved with measurable development and architectural methodologies.

Dan has extensive experience in distributed information and information analytic technologies including Hadoop, MapReduce, SQL/XQuery, SparQL, Analytic Warehousing, MPP analytic libraries including MadLib & PL/R.  As well as core development platforms and object technology including Web Services (RESTful and WS* patterns), Spring, Enterprise Service Bus, ETL, EIM, EII, Grid /Semantic Databases, as well as Grid Computing, RPC/OORPC,CORBA, RMI, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Jini, Jxta/P2P, and the J2ME platforms, and helping customers with the successful deployment of these technologies through the application CMM/Six Sigma techniques.

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