I [Dan Hushon] have been constantly challenging the horizons of technology, providing a potential for market disruption or at least leadership positioning.  What makes me unique is my ability to not just “go deep” technically, but to explain difficult concepts to business leaders in order to help drive strategic alignment and execution.  After all, getting to a more innovative product is a team endeavor.

I have had large engineering team management responsibility, P&L General Management experience but always find that employers allow me to challenge areas that need to be improved, and then give me the role to deliver that improvement.  My servant-leadership style ensures that whatever team I’m working with collaborates, learns, shares and succeeds.  When I have been asked to lead transformational activities, I use a variety of social communication strategies, cultural activities, and agile change practices to help change a few to change the many both in internal and external settings.

Most happy as a pioneer, I recognize that the skill that most large companies lack is the ability to “settle” innovation into their organization.  Change is difficult, but with the right technology and partner choices, and the right developmental programs, the organization can open-up and change become realized.  One of the emerging strategies in the post cloud economy is the shift to a “platform” businesses, supporting information sharing and ecosystem effects.  I have been a leader in the notion of information ecosystems and platform businesses as demonstrated at DXC but also executed with numerous clients.

My ambition is to help enterprises take advantage of emerging technologies to fully exploit their assets while managing a new operating model and management system to not just talk about change but to be constantly changing.  The diverse background with agile and not companies as well as a continued focus on a large number of multi-industry clients provided me the ability to understand key patterns in technology and organization that can help underwrite change for my perspective employer.

Career Summary – need to update to current (4-5 bullets)

  • Advanced Technology focused systems engineer and technical with the ability to translate complex technologies into strategic business deliverables
  • Recognized industry leader in Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Systems Management, Cyber and Cloud technologies
  • Strong cross-functional background demonstrated by personal ability to apply new technologies across multiple vertical industries including telecommunications, government, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services, and across international markets.
  • Continuous rotation between products and services to ensure clear understanding of market demands to properly tune technical and organizational value.
  • Over 25 years of demonstrated leadership in technology, product development/engineering, business and customer engagement
    • Technical and architectural lead in Big Data, Cloud and Software space including strategic planning, acquisition, technology integration and product development with over 40 mergers and 5 divestitures.
    • Understanding of emerging Cloud and Data Services technologies and the ability to create optimal cloud platforms based upon virtualization of the compute, network and storage assets.
    • Co-Designed (technical track) the merger of 160k employee/$25B/yr new Technical Services Company
    • Cross functional technical integration across diverse products in order to create additive business value in a matrixed team, developed Product Line business running SAFe for improved productivity
    • Recognized industry contributions in Java technology, Wireless Data Telecommunications, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing and Information Engineering & Advanced Analytics
    • Transformed $200M/yr Cybersecurity design, monitoring, and reaction business
    • Managed more than 800 employees across >50 distributed sites, and more than 500 successful domestic and international projects for clients

Planned & executed on re-structuring of technical pre-sales solutioning organization creating an increased win rate (6% DXC) and improved productivity thru collaboration and design patterns (10% save DXC) at Sun, CSC and then DXC.

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