ServiceMesh on CSC Cloud


Many customers and partners have been asking about ServiceMesh and CSC cloud, I saw an interesting internal post and just wanted to share this more broadly.

ServiceMesh runs on 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.8 and to connect to CSC Cloud you need [The VPN Clien] running to establish the secure connection [to the administrative API’s on the CSC Cloud].

I fired up a RedHat 5.8 box on Amazon AWS. Use yumdownloader to pull the rpms we need, scp them to the ServiceMesh box and boom, install the VPN client, and Boom… working.

Then it’s just a matter of entering your CSC Cloud credentials in the Agility Platform admin tool and bingo, unmanaged instances appear. Screenshot below:

Agility on CSC Cloud Compute

Kudos to Mikio Tsunematsu and John Chamberlain who did the real work on this project!

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