More Complete Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Deployments [hint: the NETWORK IS THE COMPUTER]

Today we are announcing, with our partner AT&T, support for the integration of AT&T NetBond™ API based [WAN] orchestration within a standard CSC Agility Platform™ cloud blueprint has GA’d.  This bring dynamic WAN networking into the application developers toolbox; cross linking the public cloud’s “VPC” intra-nets and the Enterprise Cloud VLANS via dynamically provisioned private channels in the WAN.

Let’s cut today’s announcement up into pieces:

  • Public Cloud VPC’s is a private tenancy that enable a group of virtual machines to share an internal network, while describing external network interface points. The VPC can be measured as a container and can manage administrative AuthN/Z, aggregate metering data, basically it is a mini-datacenter for the tenant.
  • The Enterprise Cloud that we’re hybridizing could be another public cloud VPC or an enterprise cloud tenancy that, like the Public Cloud VPC represents a protected administrative domain.
  • The WAN is the network that links the Public Cloud VPC to another Enterprise/External Cloud VPC. As you might expect, AT&T NetBond™ enables the idea of a tenancy to provide privacy as the bits transit from point to point via a secured WAN channel.

AT&T NetBond™  provides the ability to establish a private tunnel [channel] across a circuit (in this case an MPLS VPN) creating an Layer 2 or L3 network tenancy.  I like to think about the circuit like a great big conduit, and the channels are a garden hose that is run along the desired path end-2-end. The API enables the programming of “channel” bandwidth, route-path/priority and even [forward statement] the stitching of other services (network functions like firewalls, DDoS edges, accelerators via NFV capabilities see: AT&T Domain 2.0).  In effect, the app get’s its own private tunnel on a private [off public internet] network with the ability to elastically change performance, membership and with strong audit for privacy.


With the introduction of an API earlier this year, CSC and AT&T have been partnered to deliver an end-to-end Virtual Private Hybrid Cloud Experience for enterprise clients that are looking to exploit public, private and hybrid in an integrated REGULATED IT environment.

We all know that there is a gap between IT and the business, and in an effort to shrink the gap, CSC has been investing substantially in the CSC Agility Platform extending the public clouds that we support, the intimate support for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) as well as hybrid cloud orchestration to support a “single push button deployment of complex hybrid cloud applications supporting enterprise demands for policy/regulatory control.  By putting standard blueprints for end-to-end Software Defined Networking (SDN), CSC and AT&T are stitching together workloads and their network requirements into a policy controlled orchestration, to provide more consistent and auditable infrastructure for the modernized enterprise.

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The CSC Agility Platform:

The CSC Agility Platform is often grouped with Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs), but this sells short some key benefits to several different constituencies, from individual developers, to enterprise application architectural managers, to risk managers and of course infrastructure/cloud administrators.  From blueprints and release management, to blueprints and a policy engine to an orchestration and brokering capability, the Agility Platform helps enterprises with speed, consistency, risk and optimization.  Now, the Agility Platform is more powerful than ever, empowering developers while maintaining consistent fulfillment of enterprise architecture and policy standards.

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