CSC and Amazon Team Up to Deliver Enterprise Clouds

CSC has been building on it’s successful BizCloud plans for the past 3 years, but this year we really put Cloud in the center of our Infrastructure portfolio.  We have moved our Cloud delivery into our Global Infrastructure business so that customers gain a consistent service experience, but also so that the CSC clouds become the “first place” that we position workloads that we develop, service and manage for customers.

As we have continually reviewed the market, we recognized that the market was at a transition point.  Our enterprise customers [many of which being large, global, regulated entities and governments] needed unique clouds that supported tremendous scale and complex environments and really needed to refactor their approaches to CMDB’s, runbooks in the face of a populist revolt.  CIO’s needed more agility and the ability to create self service whilst ensuring that regulations were met, we needed a Multi-Cloud Management Platform.  We acquired ServiceMesh late last year to offer a common language for describing and deploying workloads, but also to manage complex environments such as hybrid clouds. But, there was still a gap in our strategy and our customers were looking for more than just the governance of a multi-cloud environment, they wanted to service the very demanding needs of the new enterprise developers.

Today we are announcing another key relationship, namely that CSC and Amazon are creating a Global Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) initially based in Austin (with ServiceMesh developers.  The goal of this work will be to help enterprises adopt cloud platforms taking maximum advantage of their locations, value added services, availability mechanisms, as our cloud partners like Amazon are innovating value for developers at an astounding rate.  We will be making ServiceMesh the best platform for interacting with Amazon and other public clouds while helping the CIO stay in control of their environment.


aws_logo_advanced_consulting_partner_darkWe are really excited to add Amazon, an incredible innovator to our partner list, and all of CSC is excited to make our customers succeed with their amazing cloud platform, which adds to other key public cloud partners like AT&T, VMware and Microsoft that help give our customers choices that align the differentiations of each with key customer requirements.

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