ServiceMesh + CSC = [Agility, Governance, Cloud, Enterprise, Transformation]


Today CSC announced the acquisition of ServiceMesh™.

ServiceMesh is an enterprise Cloud Broker / Cloud Management Platform (CMP) recognized by many analysts as the leading independent provider.  CSC is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Enterprise IaaS provider and technology services firm, helping enterprises transform their delivery of critical business applications.  Together, CSC and ServiceMesh will offer enterprises increased agility, flexibility and the opportunity to fully leverage their multi-vendor cloud landscape.

What we continue to hear from our customers is that having a multitude of cloud providers is a fact in today’s landscape.  Whether a cloud that IT has built, and on premise BizCloud™ or services from Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and others, IT continues to struggle with a consistent model to provision, operate, monitor, manage and optimize their catalog of workloads.  Enter ServiceMesh.


The ServiceMesh Agility Platform™ provides the ability to catalog, policy decorate, provision and manage complex applications between clouds and across them – true hybrid execution.  This solution provides enterprises with new flexibility to support full Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (CALM), providing the flexibility to develop on cheap-and-deep, the ability to test on something closer to production, and then production into an enterprise approved target.  At each step, a simple policy change supports the appropriate provisioning steps, and ensures business controls are rigorously enforced.  In effect bringing together IT operations and Application Development in the DevOps style.

Both companies believe that the synergy is high: with CSC providing the modernization, transformation and migration services and IT operational management whilst ServiceMesh allows for the cataloging of applications into a storefront, and the policy directed deployment into an open choice of cloud targets.

Both companies are on a common mission, as an advisor to IT and a facilitator to developers, to support the natural transformation that DevOps, Cloud and policy-driven cloud automation provide to the enterprise.

CSC looks forward to helping our enterprise customers on their transformational journey to the Multi-Vendor, Multi-Visor, Hybrid Cloud landscape.




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