CSC Distinguished Engineering Program: Darwinism & Talent Evolution

200px-Origin_of_Species_title_pageAs the the Systems Integration marketplace continues to evolve, so must CSC.  The CSC family tree includes a large number of scientific and technical breakthroughs, and we CSCers need to continue to innovate in both business and technical domains.

In talking with our customers, there is a broad recognition of the value of technology in their continued efforts to develop and retain customers, grow revenue, drive agility, improve safety, etc…  CSC must continue to adapt as this change in our environment continues to force us to evolve.

The technical community at CSC is very broad, and diverse, but today we look to begin to harvest our depth.  A Distinguished Engineer is an industry-recognized technical expert who has demonstrated significant impact.  He or she is a paragon of technical excellence and ethics, and a role model for other technical professionals across CSC and our broad set of industry cohorts.

At CSC, Distinguished engineers are proven thought leaders and influencers in their area  of expertise based on their distinguishing engineered solutions, inventions,  patents, publications, presentations, awards and the like. These professionals are leaders, trusted advisors and mentors. They make a direct impact on the business, both individually and in  teams, and can effectively communicate complex technical concepts to client and  CSC executives and in industry forums or technical communities, both internal  and external.

We are launching today, and will be selecting our first class in early 2014.  We will be using our Distinguished Engineers to raise the technical career ladder for Individual Contributors (ICs), and will be enabling these DE’s to collaborate broadly across the company’s diverse portfolio and R&D activities through “non-billable” funding.


So let this announcement serve as a tribute to the technical past of CSC, but also to a refocussing of our technical future as we begin to network, collaborate and innovate to build new value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders.

For those CSCers, more information is available here

As an epilogue, I was thinking about the both the transformation of our technical ecosystem and CSC when my biology background led me back to Darwinian evolution.  Looking at the summarization of Darwin’s theory by Ernst Mayr [taken from Wikipedia], I believe that we as technologists, engineers, scientists and architects can see the natural parallels:

  • Every species is fertile enough that if all offspring survived to reproduce the population would grow (fact).
  • Despite periodic fluctuations, populations remain roughly the same size (fact) [need to graduate more technologists and engineers though].
  • Resources such as food [money] are limited and are relatively stable over time (fact).
  • A struggle for survival ensues (inference).
  • Individuals in a population vary significantly from one another (fact).
  • Much of this variation is inheritable (fact). [diversity is an advantage to a global SI]
  • Individuals less suited to the environment are less likely to survive and less likely to reproduce; individuals more suited to the environment are more likely to survive and more likely to reproduce and leave their inheritable traits to future generations, which produces the process of natural selection (inference). [CSC’s cloud now #2 to AWS, and our Big Data and Cyber businesses are strong!]
  • This slowly effected process results in populations changing to adapt to their environments, and ultimately, these variations accumulate over time to form new species (inference). [must learn from others, inside and outside] and adapt to meet environment/market needs]

Please join me in the celebration and collaboration of deep technical talent!

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