An Awesome New Role

I’ve been invited to join an amazing executive team at CSC.  Mike Lawrie, the CEO and his team have asked me to lead the technologists at CSC toward three declared technical foci: Big Data, Cloud and Cyber-Security.

Let me first say that I am incredibly thankful to EMC, an amazing leadership team and some massive talent.  During my 6 years I have seen massive innovation (from within), transformation (through execution), and opportunity (through the Pivotal Initiative).  I’ve worked with people that I’ll always call friends, and know that Mike has told me that he hopes EMC and CSC can just grow closer through this transition.

I’m both excited and sad. I even found this, the other day, in my wallet:

fortune1I look back, and recognize that I’ve been innovating and executing around service providers, cloud and big data now for 6 years at EMC.   Now, I’m being given the opportunity to lead in this same technology landscape and effect a more substantial value production.  In perspective, the Gartner and Forrester articles on Big Data and Cloud, and they always said that 60-70% of the revenue was services.

Gartner: $29B will be spent on big data throughout 2012 by IT departments.  Of this figure, $5.5B will be for software sales and the balance for IT services.

But, what they didn’t say, is how rewarding solving real customer problems is – It’s truely awesome, something I’m looking forward to!  And it is my intention to participate with the CSC community, to deliver innovation and value to our team, our shareholders and our customers.

Thanks to everyone! I cherish the memories, and look forward to the challenges ahead!



  1. Dan,

    heard a lot about you from your old friends at Sun.. Currently at EMC.. Never had a chance to meet up with you.. Good luck in the new role..


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