Puppet, DevOps and Big Data

I was really excited to be asked to be one of the really cool Keynotes at PuppetLabsPuppetConf this year.  My initial excitement was that I saw that the DevOps movement, capitalized by the system administrator to make their life easier, had parallels in the life of a software developer and information architect as they tried to create automation and reproduce-ability within their own domains.

Reflecting on trying to simplify, automate and increase the pace of integration of information drove me to talk about the transitive uses of the DevOps models in new domains.

Thanks to the amazing Puppet community for offering me the soap-box to discuss some of the parallels that I am seeing as we[EMC] tries to make information integration more agile, predictable and reproducible in the face of increasing growth, complexity and urgency.

Also, I want to thank a few of the critical people that have contributed massive value to my thinking including the Greenplum team working on the K2 cluster especially Milind and Apurva, as well as Nick Weaver and Tom McSweeney who have worked tirelessly to make Razor not just real, but a leading provisioning platform for operating systems in large scale environments including provisioning Windows, like never before!

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