BCDR Myths – May the Disasters ensue

While I was on Wikibon’s website, I saw an article 4 Myths in BCDR that, spiked my interest. Myths, fallacies, truth-sayers seem to expose reality in ways facilitate a new perspective. Of real interest is the statement:

BCDR is a business discipline enabled by technology. Technology creates business risk and the need for the BCDR discipline (e.g., system, data center, network failures), while at the same time enabling the discipline with capability and functionality to recover in the event of a loss (e.g., backup and recovery systems).

I couldn’t agree more, I’ve seen egregious programs where IT is leading a BCDR initiative without a firm grasp of the specific business risks, and therefore being able to justify the resources (capital and operational) of the initiative.

That said, and mentioned numerous times by EMC lately, is the availability of transiting traditionally Active->Passive SRD “copies” into active->active consistent volumes with vPlex – now we can start talking about the DR site being more than a tax, and transiting the non-production copy to become effective in classification – whether eDiscovery, Enterprise Search, or even Business Intelligence, the ability to do classification styled analytics with substantially less impact on the production instance.

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