Information Management Truisms

I have long been a fan of Peter Deutsch’s fallacies (btw I’m not alone, Google this AM produced over 22k references) of network/distributed computing, they have served as a set of guiding checkpoints for every distributed system that I have built. What I have found to be missing, however, is a similar set of fallacies/truisms for managing Information while we approach “internet scale” information infrastructure… the information explosion.

Truisms defined by/principles for managing information explosion:

  1. no one person/system is capable of managing all data
  2. optimizations will be continually applied, but by different vendors, thereby requiring an enterprise to distribute their information architecture
  3. information processing is inherently a pipelined process (though fork/join supports parallelism for reduction of latency)
  4. these pipeline’s can have “in parallel” replicas so long as sufficient locking is engineered, and compensation models supported
  5. locking for a given pipeline should be owned discretely by a single application context (workflow) – though this workflow may be complex, it is stateless upon completion of end state
  6. loose coupling / jit integration require coherent, federable, data dictionaries and meta-data/structure maps

Translated to Fallacies… which, agreeing with SGG, I think are way more powerful, and in some cases hilarious.

  1. there is one enterprise data architect who is responsible for the master models
  2. there is a system who is the authoritative master for a given entity domain
  3. there is one vendor involved across the SOA and EIM domain
  4. the data models are largely fixed, and the business will not ask for further changes/enhancements to the model
  5. data exchange will be based upon XA/2-phase transactional mechanisms to achieve ACID properties (pessimistic transactionality)
  6. there will be a singular data dictionary, with complete meta-data for a given entity domain

Additions/Subtractions/debate most wanted!

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